Upcycling for the Birds

Check out my new fountain in the garden πŸ™‚

Y’all who follow me on fb know that I make regular trips to see the tire guy, Gabriel, up the street. He’s happy to supply me with as many tires as I want. It’s a win for both of us as he doesn’t have to pay the fee to dump them and I get to have free planters for my garden AND less tires going to the dump!

Living in the swamp has been a learning experience for me. Most of everything that I plant needs to be planted above ground or it will drown. That’s a lot of soil purchases (dude!!!), so having free planters helps the pocketbook. Note: I don’t use the tires for my edibles. I build planter boxes for them.

The project I’m showing you today, was built with the birds in mind. I had purchased an old sink from The Green Project in New Orleans. They are a salvage store with the motto, Buy Used, Create New, and that’s just what I did. I painted a few tires, put a 5 gal recycled bucket in the center, added a small pump to the bucket and put the sink into the tire hole. I had an old faucet that I found at Mike’s office when he first moved in. I decided to create a mosaic block and insert the faucet into the hole that I drilled and then run tubing from the faucet to the pump. I added a few rocks and voila. Tip: If you decide to tackle this project for your garden, put the tubing into the faucet before you do anything. I created everything else first and then I found that the tubing didn’t want to go through the faucet. There was A LOT OF CUSSING and I jacked up my mosaic and let’s just say that the experience was very frustrating! Thank goodness Mike came to the rescue. We had to make a few changes, but then we finally got it to work. Lesson learned!

Anyway, now I have a fountain for the birds! The water stream is just enough. Not too much and not too little. The birds love it and even the hummingbirds are able to sip from the stream while hovering. I’m also hoping that the bees will be able to land on the rocks to take a drink without drowning.

Cool, Right??!!! I LOVE it!

Here’s to the birds & the bees and upcycling!



p.s. Thanks to all who have followed me here! I’m so happy to have you!

18 thoughts on “Upcycling for the Birds

    1. I used a primer and then a high gloss spray paint. Not the best for the environment though. I’m going to experiment with outdoor latex paint and see if it holds up.


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