Wear Costumes Daily

Good Morning!

So sorry to have missed a couple of weeks of posting here. Time just seemed to fly by me…..as usual.

Anyway, check out this cool sticker I received from Jenny Campbell from @nolacostumes. If you like costumes, then go follow her on Instagram. She comes up with and creates the most AMAZING costumes!!! Seriously mind blowing work! I get to see her costumes in real life, as she’s usually in most of the New Orleans parades.

Speaking of costumes……I LOVE wearing costumes! It’s most likely one of the many reasons that New Orleans spoke to me as the place where I belong. As a child, I really didn’t get to wear costumes (not even on Halloween) unless I could manage to find something in my parents closet that I could use to get creative with. Even then, meh. But when I became an adult, if there was an opportunity that called for a costume, I dove into my imagination and scrap bag of fabrics to create something INTERESTING! Ha! I once made a fried egg costume for myself and a sausage costume for the dude I was with at the time. Hilarious!! Then there was the time that me and my coworkers dressed as the California Raisins. We made our costumes from large trash bags and we wore Gigantic sunglasses lol!! Good times!!!

Then motherhood happened.

My first daughter was only 10 months old when Halloween rolled around and I dressed her as a clown. That was the beginning of MANY YEARS of costume creations for my four daughters.

Every year around September, I would take my girls to the fabric store and they would pour over the pattern books until they found a costume design that they wanted. Sometimes I bought the pattern, but most times I didn’t because I felt I could create something similar to the picture they liked. Then my sewing machine was on overdrive and I would be creating those costumes up to the very last minute of walking out the door for Halloween celebrations. I worked a full time job and I was the mother of 4, so finding a minute to sew was always a challenge, but somehow I did it and they all looked SO CUTE every year.

My 2nd daughter’s birthday is near Halloween, so every year we would have a Birthday/Halloween Party, and her sisters could invite their friends as well. These parties became quite the event!! Even into the teenage years! We always had several fun games and we even had a haunted house one year! That was the year that someone called the police because they heard screaming children. When the policeman came to the gate and I greeted him in a full on green face and big nose witch costume, he chuckled and said never mind, carry on lol!!! As the girls got older, I created scavenger hunts and even involved many neighbors!!! Oh man, lots of work, but so much FUN!!!

Fast forward to now……how could New Orleans not speak to me as home. It’s a city that celebrates EVERYTHING and costumes are as natural as putting on your everyday clothes. Do you feel like wearing a tiara to the grocery store today?? Then do it! Because nobody is gonna judge you on that. And if they do, they are gonna get side-eye by a bunch of folks. EVERYTHING about this city speaks to me. I feel like it’s everything I’ve always been about, but didn’t have the freedom to do. For the first time in my life, I feel like I fit in and it all just makes me so very HAPPY! TRULY!

So without further ado, a few of our costumes:

That’s just a handful y’all! And then we needed a costume closet, so we made one of our spare bedrooms into a regular closet/costume closet.

Awesome, right??!!!! ❤

So now you know why @nolacostumes sticker spoke to me

Wear Costumes Daily

It’s what I was born to do!

And I want to add that I feel very lucky to be married to someone who really never had the desire to costume, but has jumped in fully and completely with me ❤ Yay



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